White & White LED Clock

White & White LED Clock is a 3D version of traditional digital timer

If you love minimally contemporary designs, then you may find this White & White LED clock by Czech studio Kibardindesign quite interesting. It is a modern 3D interpretation of traditional digital clock. Thus, entirely shaped like digital numbers that light up as per the indicated time.

The illuminating clock appears like a basketball scoreboard and is designed to add some digital touch into any living space. It comprises of four seven-segment display digits just like on an LCD screen.

There is a built-in sensor in the clock, which can adjust brightness of LED digits depending on the intensity of the light around them. Due to this light controller, the timepiece can glow more brightly when in artificial or natural lighting, but gets dim at bed time when lights are off.

The clock is directly powered by electricity, however batteries can be installed to maintain the time in case the main power outages. It can be used as freestanding on your desk/side table or mounted on a wall. Moreover, it has a built-in alarm setting and can also tell accurate date and time. What else would you ask for in a wall clock?

Buy: $260

White & White LED Clock

The clock can be used as freestanding or mounted on a wall

White & White LED Clock

It is directly powered by electricity

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