WhiteSwade Himalayan Salt Lamp

WhiteSwade Himalayan Salt Lamp

Hand-mined and hand-crafted, this is a genuine Himalayan salt crystal lamp. It is available in pinkish color with an uneven and rough texture. The lamp comes with a six-feet UL approved cord with dimmer switch, 15W bulb, and a wood base attached to the salt lamp.

It appears like a luminous stone resting on your side table or mantle. When lit, it emits warm and soft amber glow into the surroundings. You can even change the light settings by using the dimmer switch or a colored light bulb.

The heat from the light source releases negative ions into the air, simulating the effects of an ionizer and purifying the environment. Due to the presence of authentic Himalayan rock salts, this lamp is ideal for allergy sufferers with breathing problems like asthma.

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Besides that, it can also be used for recreating a romantic evening for your loved one, reading during bedtime, de-stressing while working in your office, soothing you to sleep, or simply as a night.

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