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WiFi-activated Feeder by LittleBits

WiFi-activated feeder lets you feed your pet even when you’re not home

DIY electronic projects supporter- littleBits has created a new WiFi-activated feeder that allows you to feed your pets from any corner of the world, simply by using your internet-connected smartphone or laptop. The feeder ensures that it feeds your pets (fish, cat or dog) immediately when you press a button on your smartphone or automatically through IFTTT (If This Then That). IFTTT is a service to connect various web apps through simple conditional statements for better function of your device.

To make it work you just need to connect its servo to the feeder using nuts and bolts. For instance, you attach it to a fish tank, and after that, the feeder will drop food for your fish on receiving signal through its CloudBit app when you will press button on your smartphone or at a pre-scheduled time to feed your pet.

The servo can be activated in different ways- either you could use CloudBit control button from smartphone to send it signals to feed your pet or you could use automatic IFTTT service to automatically feed the pet at a set date and time when you’re not home.

This is a very simple and easy to use device which helps your pet to never skip its meals and will definitely keep the pet happy and healthy all the time. You can also make this DIY feeder for yourself by following instructions from the designer of this littleBits project.

WiFi-activated Feeder by LittleBits

Servo is attached to the feeder for drop food on receiving signal

WiFi-activated Feeder by LittleBits

WiFi-activated Feeder attached to the fish tank

Credit: AdaFruit

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