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Wigwam by José A. Gandía-Blasco is ideal for a romantic summer

Spanish designer José A. Gandía-Blasco has created an intriguing and gorgeous tipi named Wigwam that provides tranquility in outdoors. The Wigwam is a pyramid-shaped small tipi inspired by the native Americans wigwam and tipi.

The ultra-modern and stylish tipi is made from anodized aluminum and plastic sheets. The sheets can be customized according to texture and color preferences, giving you the freedom to choose variety of colorful outdoor furniture. The edgy pyramid,which can easily accommodate two persons, sports minimalist design approach, without compromising functionality, and beautiful aesthetics to offer a grandeur opulence to the owner.

Available in different finishes including sand, white, charcoal, dark pink, black, and emerald green, the polyurethane foam-filled mini-mattress and cushions provide a luxurious and palatial look to this lovely outdoor furniture unit that is a supreme choice for spaces like beaches, garden area, etc.


It can be customized according to one’s personal preferences and colors

Can easily accommodate two people

It can easily accommodate two people


The natural extension for any outdoor spaces

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