The Wing House

The Wing House on Australian east coast can be yours for $5.6 million

The Wing House

Resting over Wategos Beach and with Byron Bay Lighthouse Reserve as its backdrop, the Wing House in New South Wales, Australia is a combination of pure engineering and mind-blowing architecture. Listed on Unique Estates, this house with eco-friendly design and beautiful surroundings can be yours for a cool $5.6 million. Completed in 2013, this four-bedroom home is designed by the Australian architect Peter Stutchbury and has a wing-like 27.5 meter span roof which solves the mystery behind the name Wing House. The wing-like roof is made of Danpalon, a synthetic material that provides filtered natural light and also shelters the garden and an outdoor bath. Constructed using steel, timber, concrete and glass, the 4,600-square-foot structure has a 72-foot lap pool and about 1,600 square feet of outdoor space that include decks and terraces.

The lower level of the home features a guest suite integrated with a kitchen/living space and a large deck in front. The main level features large timber door which opens into a large space with 7 meter high curved ceilings offering spectacular views to the ocean. There is also a large two car garage and a beautiful terraced garden created by Secret Gardens of Sydney. Some other highlighted features of the house include a gym, a laundry room, outdoor bath, shower and hydronic heating system.

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