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Wing Sink by Falper

Wing Sink by Falper adds artistic flair to modern bathrooms

If you are planning to refurbish your bathroom in a contemporary style, then always remember that it is the details or the fittings that can give your bathroom the desired look. The sink is one of those essential details that can either make or break the overall style of a bathroom. Wing Sink from Italy based bathware manufacturing brand Falper is one of the tangible inventions that will leave you awe-struck.

Crafted by Ludovico Lombardi for Falper, the Wing Sink is a stunning wall mounted sink that will certainly please many out there. This sink design is more of a sublime sculpture made in Cristalplant, which is a non-toxic, flame retardant materiallooking like natural stone but has soft touch. It is designed in a spoon like shape defining the bare bathroom walls, maximizing the light available near the wall to create a dramatic visual impact.

Its long size makes it an ideal piece for big bathrooms with high ceilings that are more usual in airport lounges and high end resorts, than in homes. The Wing Sink is a perfect addition to your big modern bathrooms, as it will make the bathroom space look more attractive and there would hardly be anyone who does not compliment this ravishing piece of artistry after using your bathroom.

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