Wisconsin Teenagers build rollercoaster in their backyard

Tell me one thing that’s more intriguing than having your own rollercoaster in the backyard of your home. If you are also finding it hard to name, then consider building your own rollercoaster for unending fun on weekends. It has been done before by people, and it doesn’t come as a surprise if yet another homemade rollercoaster caught our eye. Created by JT Nejedlo and Aidan Deaven of Delafield, Wisconsin this rollercoaster is the hot topic these days in the locality.

The idea struck them, simply because they were far away from any amusement park having rollercoaster, and it would be fun to build one. With the green signal from their dad to build the rollercoaster in their backyard, the duo set out on making it. The thing was not going to be easy, as it required a lot of figuring out. They took inspiration from other homemade rollercoasters, and finally managed to create one in their backyard.

Deaven’s dad is a physics professor so the teenagers got able assistance from him. They used a cart that is fitted with skateboard wheels, and it goes at a speed of 15 miles per hour. The ride is quite safe as amusement ride safety inspector Walter Reiss gave this rollercoaster a clean go ahead. The only issue he has is with the cable that pulls the cart to the starting point. According to Walter it is a bit small to hold such kind of weight.

Overall their rollercoaster is a success and they have a good time riding it. And it comes as no surprise that people around the block, and their mates from school just cue up to experience the fun.

Via: TMJ4

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