Wish to enjoy BBQ with buddies on weekend? Try this amazing Black + Blum compact Hot Pot

Living in cities is getting so much cramped up by the moment, but this doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the iconic Australian BBQ experience! Cooking those weekend meals for your loved ones would never have had been so easy. No matter, if there is not enough space in your balcony; you can still buy this amazing Black + Blum Hot Pot available from Bristol and Brooks. This awesome innovation combines the essential features of any outdoor dining experience in a compact yet stylish design. The Black + Blum Hot Pot is a BBQ and on its top, there is adequate space given for growing herbs. It may look like a simple terracotta pot but underneath it, hides the perfectly sized BBQ grill and matching tongs. This pot is made of high quality stainless steel and is quite easy to maintain for long term usability.

So, grow some rosemary on top to season your lamb or maybe you would prefer some lemongrass, to give that grilled chicken, some citrusy punch! Whatever flavors you like and enjoy, all you need is this fully functional Hot Pot and you can enjoy the exotic cuisines with your mates.

Via: DesignedGood

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