Slo by David Touzain

Slo optimally waters your plants when you are out on a trip

All of us love to watch our plants blossom, but sometimes it can be difficult to hammer out a good watering schedule. David Touzain, a French designer has invented Slo – a botanic accessory designed to regulate the action of hydrating potted plants. Albeit it does not replace the usual flood watering system but aids in the natural pace at which the plants thrive. This life hack will offer you with a grace period, if you happen to forget watering your plants, or in case your out on a trip for a couple of days.

Slo by David Touzain

Ceramic capillaries for optimum watering of plants

What makes Slo unique is its ceramic design with duct that leads to a slow and progressive action of hydrating plants. Once its capillaries are filled with water, the ceramic Slo starts engrossing it, and consistently keeps providing moisture to the roots, even when the plant is exposed to sunlight. Slo is designed with two ceramic modules that can be installed around the plant during or after potting.

Slo by David Touzain

It can be attached to any potted plants

The hydrating system will keep your plants happy even when you are busy. Plus, if you have several plants and you have to water them  regularly, which obviously is a very time consuming process, Slo can be a perfect way out for you.

David Touzain is an independent designer since 2013, and his ambition is to be an inspiration to young designers. He even assists them in all their projects, no matter is a prototype or mass production product.

Slo plant watering accessory by David Touzain

Slo plant watering accessory by David Touzain

Via: EspritDesign


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