Wize Mirror is a personal physician, it scans your face to detect diseases

A mirror will no longer be just another object hanging on the wall to let you stare at your reflection. Soon, a mirror will detect early signs of a disease for you. With EU funding, a team of researchers and industry partners are working on smart mirror called the Wize Mirror, which can detect diseases when you look into it. The Wize Mirror is just like any ordinary mirror, but it comes embedded with 3D scanners, multispectral cameras and gas sensors to monitor and inform about the health of anyone looking into it.

How the Wize Mirror works is really interesting. The mirror very specifically examines a person’s facial expression, fatty tissues and how pale the face is to notify if there are any signs of a disease. The mirror takes just a minute to analyze, tabulate and produce the user’s score telling them how fit they are. The Wize Mirror also displays personalized user health information and tips on how the user can improve their health.

The Wize Mirror’s facial recognitions software looks for telltale markers of stress and anxiety on a person’s face. Its 3D scanners monitor face shape to detect any weight gain or loss, while the multispectral cameras detect changes in heart rate and haemoglobin levels. Interestingly, gas sensors on the mirror monitor samples of user’s breathe to find indication compounds of how much a person smokes and drinks.

Health is becoming one industry where tech companies are trying to outpace each other with new fitness wearables. But the Wize Mirror concept proves that a device need not only be a wearable to provide effective health benefits. The mirror is still work in progress and according to sources, clinical trials of the Wize Mirror are expected to kickstart in France and Italy next year.

Via: DamnGeeky / Source: NewScientist

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