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Wood Layer Armchair by Farg and Blanche

Wood Layer Armchair Employs Traditional Wood Tailoring Technique

Although, spools of thread and sewing machines are usually not the tools required by the designer who work with hard surfaces like wood. But, Färg & Blanche (a Swedish and French duo) requires these things as the most essential stuff to commence their work. Engaging the traditional Wood tailoring techniques, the duo takes wood as a fabric. They stitch and sew the wood pieces together to create marvelous furniture pieces. The Wood Layer Armchair is one of their brilliant creations that can be called as an haute couture furniture design.

The Wood Layer Armchair is one splendid furniture creation that embodies the Wood Tailoring technique. The designers,  Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga have taken the Wood Tailoring technology to a high by employing a thoroughly researched craftsmanship to it.

They have made use of shells of wood for stitching together, generating a unique and beautiful pattern. Different parts of the wood were joined together by making use of a sewing machine directly onto the wood. Various layers of thick plywood were stitched together creating aesthetically pleasing patterns of the Wood Layer Armchair.

This combination of different layers of wood results into a topographical map-like organic pattern that resembles the growth pattern of the wood. The designers have taken away the upholstery element as the layered plywood shapes replicate the upholstery on the front of the chair.

Truly this armchair will be a superb addition to your living room offering a lyrical feel to the décor of the room.

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