3P clock by Leonardo Calcagno

The wooden 3P Clock creates an illusion of a 3 dimensional cube on the wall

3P clock by Leonardo Calcagno

Most people are so much fascinated by wood that they besides adding wooden furniture in their house, also look for wood products to accessorize their homes. Undoubtedly wood is a material that adds class and a special elegant feel to their homes and therefore wood décor is preferred by many. Today we shall be discussing about a wall clock, which entice people not only because it is made of wood but also because it leaves behind the traditional circular variety of wall clocks. Dubbed as the 3P Clock, this wooden clock takes the shape of a cube in a very interesting manner.

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The 3P Clock is a brainchild of Robocut studio, a digital fabrication company, in collaboration with Baron Magazine – an independent print and web magazine. To create this in a fascinating way the team has used the perspective of 3 vanishing points, which is a drawing technique. Due to this technique, the farthest points of the 3P Clock are made to look even further.

Cherry wood is the main material that is used for making the intriguing 3P Clock, and also features glossy black acrylic hands and parts on the back. This clock creates an illusion of a 3D wooden cube on the wall. Its striking design would look great on the walls of any home. The magnificent wall clock is a limited edition clock manufactured in Montreal.

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