WoodTouch to allow home automation with smart wooden furniture

Looking back into the recent past, we’ll be capable of digging out a host of smart household items like coffee tables and home automation gadgets, but Spanish technologists are bent to take concept of smart household furniture a notch further with WoodTouch. The project called WoodTouch by Spanish technological center Tecnalia in collaboration with Grumal, Nueva Linea, Elson Electronica and Ekoleds will “use the warm feel of wood” to transform wood into intelligent control system to control all home electrical devices intuitively.

This means, with WoodTouch you could touch the headboard in the bedroom to adjust the room temperature or light settings or tap on the wooden armchair to dim the lights in the house – this is the future. Back to reality – there is still a long way for the project to realize, thus, Techalia will have to be deal with many challenges on the way to come real with this functional and attractive wooden furniture.

Via: Tecnalia/Discovery

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