Work desk convertible into bed is boon for workaholics

In this fast paced life, many people are obliged to work for long in order to achieve their objectives. Very soon office will no longer be a place where we only work but will also become a place where we live. A work desk that turns into a bed would be a fantabulous furniture piece for all workaholics who wish to turn their office into bedroom.

Greek designer Athanasia Leivaditou has designed this desk that can be transformed into a comfortable bed. Called the 1,6 S.M. OF LIFE, this convertible desk can be used to take a nap for a few hours at night when you’re striving to achieve your targets.

She got the inspiration to design this creative furniture piece while she was studying and working in a confined area of a New York office. Because this amazing work desk cum bed needs a small space, it is therefore a useful furniture unit for a compact room where you can use it as a work desk during the day and convert it into a comfy bed during night.

Via: DesignRulz/DesignTaxi

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