Homestead design

Working through the design stage of your high-end homestead

Designing a home is one of the best projects to be able to take part in, as there is nothing quite like knowing that a dwelling was built to your specifications, and has been literally made for you. If you want to have creative control over your build, it is important to do your research, as most companies work off of set designs. 

Be sure about the bones

Before you get to start picking textures and colors, you need to lock in your specifications and layout, as things like ceiling heights and wall placements are very difficult to change once they’re in place. In this stage of design, it is important to work closely with your project manager and builders so that you are clear about what is happening and that your designs are up to code.

There is nothing worse than changing your mind about structural details once they are in place, as it will cause major delays in your build, and eat through your budget quicker than you would have thought possible.

Always keep functionality in mind

You can design the most beautiful home in existence, but if the kitchen has an odd design, or there isn’t enough storage in your home, you can quickly grow to hate it.

The worst thing that you can see in a home is the things that shouldn’t be out, things like clothes or linen and toiletries. Plus, things that you add to rectify functionality issues will often look like afterthoughts, and detract from what is otherwise a well-designed and decorated space.

Have a coherent style

Before you start to order things, you need to decide on the design style you are going to be working on. There needs to be coherence between the spaces in your home. If the rooms in your home are too different, they may clash or cause confusion, and this will detract from the overall feel of the house. Pick something elegant and neutral, and you will be able to mix and match furniture or choose something bold and timeless, the only limit to your design is your imagination.

Choose elements that you like

Never pick something just because it is in vogue, style can change but luxury lasts. People are changeable, so stick with things you know you will love for years to come. Remember to include textures and colors in your styling, and don’t shy away from statement pieces. Art is another essential part of the design that can enhance a space significantly.

Minimize your footprint

Not all of us get the opportunity to design our homes, so those of us that do should try to make their home as efficient as possible. This can be achieved by adding small adjustments to your designs like water tanks and solar panels, extra insulation, and double glazed windows and doors. Have plenty of trees in your yards as well. These small things can have a great impact on your environment and will ultimately save you money in the long run.

You are building a home so don’t play it safe, take design risks and do you.

You are the one who has to live in the home you build, so as long as you love it, you can’t possibly go wrong! Have fun with both your interiors and your exteriors, and you will make a place to be proud of. We hope this list was helpful!  

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  • Homestead design

    Working through the design stage of your high-end homestead

    Designing a home is one of the best projects to be able to take part in, as there is nothing quite ...
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