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Bar Brutus

World’s first all-bacon restaurant to treat your taste buds in Montreal

If you’re a passionate meat lover, then it’s time to celebrate as Bar Brutus– an all-bacon restaurant is opening in Montreal to delight all Canadian meat lovers. This new restaurant is a brainchild of Anthoni Jodoin, who is also the owner of Montreal dive bar Nacho Libre.

Jodoin has built the sophisticated neighborhood bar and restaurant inspired by a classic barbershop and serves dishes primarily made from Bacon. The menu boasts dishes like Bacon Sushi, Jägermeister poutine- 100-percent bacon sausage hot dog and Brisures de Bacon or chocolate bacon cookies. All the dishes in the menu are prepared with an innovative twist to please your taste buds.

Not only meat, but bacon flavored liquor will also be served at the restaurant, including a line of signature cocktails like Bloody Caesar- Canadian Bloody Mary made with clam-tomato juice and garnished with a juicy bacon rose, Pork Soda (a take on classic vodka soda with added bacon) and Bacon Vodka.

The owner ensures the citizens that it will be the only bar serving these twisted bacon flavored cocktails locally. So, it’s a complete treat for all meat lovers out there, the only drawback would be that your waistline might increase in size while making your taste buds happy.

Bar Brutus

Hot Pig-hotdog and Bacon Sushi

Bar Brutus

Brisures de Bacon and Jägermeister Poutine.

Bar Brutus

Bacon Vodka and Bloody Caesar

Credit: NewsWeek/Buzzfeed

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