Sharp 8K LED TV

World’s first commercially available 8K TV, courtesy Sharp

Sharp Corporation has become the world’s first company to offer the commercially available 8K TV. Dubbed LV-85001, it comes with high-definition video monitor and has liquid crystal panels. Although, the 85-inch monitor does not have a TV tuner inside, making it incapable of picking 8K content, making it more appropriate for professional use only. The company is currently positioning 8K monitors for businesses, who can make good use of high-definition resolution. The monitors coming with 16 times resolution of 1080p screens, 7680×4320 pixels LED panels use IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) technology to improve viewing experience manyfold.

Currently in public testing phase, the 8K TV is scheduled for 2018 launch, which means you still have plenty of time to spend in front of your 4K TV. However, Sharp has already announced to bring the 8K display to business customers from October 31, but they have few reasons to enjoy as it will going to set them back  ¥16,000,000 ($133,000).

Sharp 8K LED TV

85-inch TV has 8K resolution

Via: Press Release/TheVerge

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