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Levitating Turntable by Mag-Lev Audio

World’s first Levitating Turntable by Mag-Lev Audio

People like decorating homes with vintage stuff as they are rare, but enhancing the interiors with attractive technology laden gadgets is a different affair. Slovenia-based Mag-Lev Audio has designed world’s first Levitating Turntable that brings zero gravity feel to homes and set out as a great modern vinyl player for audiophiles. High quality audio components are beautifully integrated in the turntable for coming out as a vintage device with modern features. While it plays your favorite records, the levitating platter enhances your experience visually. Just connect it to phono-in or your home speaker system through amplifier for better output.

Working Mechanism

This Levitating Turntable comes pre-fitted with tone arm and cartridge offering superior cueing mechanism which enhances the overall listening experience. You have to place a record on the platter, position the tone arm and lower its cueing lever to start the turntable.


  • Semi-automatic system:

    In general, turntables are accessories of the past, and fragile vinyl records are priceless for owners. So, it comes with an automatic system that lifts tone arm up after end of the current record to prevent any scratches.

  • Cueing system:

    There is a sensitive mechanism for gentle drop of the high-precision needle which makes it simple for you to choose your favorite tunes easily.

  • Speed:

    It supports records that are compatible with rotating speed of 33 and 45-rpm and allows interchanging between speeds with the push of a round button. A 45-rpm adapter is also included within the package for playing standard records.

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  • Platter feet:

    Once turned on, the platter keeps rotating in the air, but when not in use, the platter feet smartly integrated in the base automatically rises up as its support.

  • Power:

    To deal with power concerns, there is a built-in UPS which stores enough energy for safely lifting the tone arm, stopping the record, and moving the feet to rest position.

  • Illumination:

    A subtle orange lighting is added to make the turntable visually effective and to give it a unique and modern touch.

  • Innovative drive system:

    Unlike traditional turntables, it uses a totally different rotation mechanism. There is a sensor regulating software which maintains the precise turning of the platter.

There are a lot of modern features in the Levitating Turntable that makes it convenient and unique, while imitation wood over the base gives it a rustic touch. Other colors are also available, so if you like the project then back it for a minimum of $780 at Kickstarter.

Brings feeling of zero gravity to homes

Brings feeling of zero gravity audio to homes

Innovative design with imitation wood

Innovative and rustic design with imitation wood

Levitating platter enhances visual experience

Levitating platter enhances visual experience

Subtle orange lighting for illumination

Subtle orange lighting for illumination

Superior cueing mechanism

Superior cueing mechanism


A button for adjusting between speeds

Suits perfectly in any room

Suits perfectly in any room

Brings vintage feel in a modern device

A vintage product with modern features

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