Medicinal Chocolate by Kuka Xoco

World’s first medicinal chocolate developed by Kuka Xoco

US-based company Kuka Xoco claims to have developed chocolate bar that is so healthy that it can be consumed as medicine. Claiming to be world’s first medicinal chocolate, it is made from cacao that contains antioxidants and minerals. Scientist of Kuka Xoco claims that the chocolate can help in lowering blood pressure while increasing good cholesterol.

The prototype bar unlike any normal chocolate bar contains only 35 percent fats and sugar making cacao more effective. To achieve the fewer ratio of fat and sugar, scientists used micrograms of coca plants extract, which can be de-bitter and unsweetened cacao. This technique helped in eliminating the need for sugar, sweetener and fat in chocolate, unveiling the benefits of cacao.

While revealing their invention at World Chocolate Forum, the company also explained of using herb found in the Andean region of Bolivia and Peru that will help in improving the taste of medicinal chocolate. According to Gregory Aharonian, president and chief scientist at Kuka Xoco, the company’s ultimate goal is to create a chocolate bar containing only 10 percent of fat and sugar.

The bar is not ready for users and company is fighting back to remove unhealthy ingredients from chocolate, to bring it into the category of healthy  and medicinal eating substitutes.


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