Xavier University installs North America’s first pizza ATM machine

These days Xavier University is in the news for its mouth-watering delight. Yes, that is right as the university has installed country’s first pizza ATM which serves restaurant quality piping hot pizzas. The pizza ATM is open 24 hours a day, and the students are absolutely delighted about this new option in their campus. According to the authorities, they wanted a cost-effective and niche way to satisfy students who love to eat pizza during any time of the day. The machine cost them $55,000 to install.

The university’s dining service makes 12-inch diameter pizzas and loads 70 of them in one go into the machine. Then the customers have to swipe their card and choose the kind of pizza they want. They can also choose the kind of pepperoni, cheese and veggies for the pizza. After that, the automated machine picks up a pizza from the refrigeration compartment and loads it into the oven. After heating the pizza for a few minutes, the pizza is dropped into a box, and pushed out of a slot to the hungry customer.

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The kitchen staff is informed when the pizza count gets low, and they can load 70 more pizzas into it. In terms of economy the machine is far better than having a dedicated staff to cater to customers.
Pizza ATM machine is manufactured by French company Adali, and this is the company’s first installation in USA. Just for the records, pizza ATM machine vends pizza at just $9 USD.

Pizza ATM vending machine installed at Xavier University

Pizza ATM vending machine installed at Xavier University

Source: Cincinnati Via: Independent

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