Xiaomi Mi Ai smart speaker

Xiaomi announces ‘Mi AI’ smart speaker to compete with Amazon Echo

Popular Chinese brand Xiaomi has a fair market share of the technology world, as people are opting it in place of other big brands. The company has shown its excellence in past launching various innovative products like rice cookers, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, fans, televisions and smart lamps. Now, this time around, when the company is at the peak of success, it has introduced two new smart gadgets to the world; the ‘Mi 5X’ smartphone and a smart speaker called the Mi AI.

The Mi AI speaker is undoubtedly the most interesting announcement of this year by the company. According to the manufacturer, the main purpose behind designing it is providing a speaker to music maniacs with all smart features of popular voice-activated assistants like Amazon, Apple and Google at comparatively affordable prices.

The speaker comes with a collection of six microphones to remove echo and establish good voice control like Amazon Echo, and other voice-controlled assistants. Xiaomi claims that along with playing music, the speaker solves your query about traffic and weather conditions. The smart speaker can also translate various languages, take notes, set alarms and control other smart devices.

If we talk about its look, the speaker has a very elegant stature with rounded corners. It features a light at the top to highlight five control buttons – disable microphone, previous, next, play, and CH. Its classic appearance makes it a perfect addition for modern homes.

The speaker is a good deal for people who don’t want to compromise with good acoustic experience, as well as want all smart features of Amazon Echo and other voice-controlled speakers from Apple and Google. Even with all these features the speaker costs only 299 Chinese Yuan (approx. US$44), whereas, Amazon Echo and Google Home costs $179.99 and $129 respectively.

According to the company, the product is only launching in China, probably in the first week of August. It will only be available through a beta program to 1,000 lucky customers, so that Xiaomi can use customer’s reviews as an input to improve its voice controls. Therefore, eager buyers from rest of the world have to wait a little more to get this innovative product.

Mi AI speaker by Xiaomi

Xiaomi’s Mi AI speaker

Xiaomi voice-controlled speaker

Voice-controlled assistant for home

Xiaomi smart speaker

The smart speaker answers questions about traffic and weather

Mi XI voice-controlled speaker by Xiaomi

It translates languages

Mi XI voice-controlled speaker by Xiaomi

Has an elegant look

Mi XI voice-controlled speaker

Mi XI speaker lets you control other home appliances

Mi XI speaker by Xiaomi

User can control it with a smartphone

Mi XI voice-controlled speaker by Xiaomi for modern homes

Mi XI speaker’s voice-controller

A voice-controlled speaker by Xiaomi

Mi XI speaker by Xiaomi

Via: GizmoChina

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