XiLO Berlinetta audio dock

XiLO Berlinetta audio dock turns your phone into high-end music system

Searching a perfect Christmas gift for a fussy audiophile in your life? Then, iXoost’s XiLO Berlinetta audio dock might interest you. But you have to be fabulously wealthy to get your hands on it- as it comes with a hefty price tag. Those who are still interested to purchase this pricey audio dock, here are some intriguing specifications about the audio dock.

It has rare automotive appeal and produce superior quality sound by simply turning your iPod or other smartphone into a high-end music system. The unique thing about this gorgeous tabletop speaker is that it’s made from exhaust header of F1 Red + Mahogany Berlinetta.

Italian company iXoost often collects used exhausts from high performance engines from Formula 1 cars, Indy cars, prototype and GT race cars, and finally turn them into gorgeous speaker systems. Likewise, XiLo has also been made in a similar manner, using exhaust that’s compatible with the F1 Ferrari 052 engine, F2003 GA.

Company’s earlier audio systems have required you to physically dock an iPhone or iPad for playing you favorite music. But the XiLO 5.1 is integrated with Bluetooth 4.0 module, allowing the users to connect the music system with their Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or other gizmos for spreading playing your music from any corner of your room. So, it’s a great device for any one who could afford it. Moreover, it also doubles up as home decor object when your playlist is not tuning.

Buy: $4,499

XiLO Berlinetta audio dock

The stunning audio dock can turn any smartphone into high-end music system

XiLO Berlinetta audio dock

Made from F1 Red + Mahogany Berlinetta

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