Yeeuu S1: World’s Most Advanced Smart Lock with 8 Access Methods

Yeeuu Tech is claiming to have launched the world’s most advanced smart lock with eight access methods for check-in log, remote manage permissions, and more. Available in three different configurations to fit any door, this smart lock is also combined with an optional Wi-Fi bridge to help you manage its permissions remotely.

Approved by multiple international regulations and standards, S1 Smart Lock provides you industry-leading safety performance. It also boasts an all-in-one tamperproof structure, as well as built-in bank-level encryption for protecting your property 24/7.

In addition to a regular admin password for the immediate family, there are three other ways to set a password on this smart lock: Dynamic, Virtual, and Temporary Password. Dynamic password is valid just for five minutes and is suitable for visitors to property or store; Virtual password prevents any possible break-in – it is a combo of any digit with the right password for additional security; finally, the Temporary password is for setting entry periods by dates, hours, and minutes. This is great for Airbnb guests, employees, or service people.

The internet-enabled S1 Smart Lock makes access simpler with a smart Wi-Fi bridge. You can even control the entry in two ways. The first is to remotely let your family members unlock the door with their phones so that they’re never locked out. Additionally, the mobile app can instantly revoke or grant permissions remotely so that users can unlock using their phones very easily.

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S1 Smart Lock is NFC compatible and comes with a dedicated NFC bridge for durable, portable, and reliable entry. The lock is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to open doors using voice commands.

For each access, a notification is sent to your phone and the mobile app also records the log to make it convenient and safe for rental guests or services people. It is available on pre-order through Indiegogo at $159, which offers 36% savings on the expected retail price of $249.

Given below is the demonstration video to help you learn more about the S1 Smart Lock.

Yeeuu S1 Smart Lock with eight access methods

Image: Yeeuu

Yeeuu S1 Smart Lock with eight access methods

Image: Yeeuu

Yeeuu S1 Smart Lock with eight access methods

Image: Yeeuu

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