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Prototype 2 Home

YO Company’s Prototype 2 home is designed to maximize available space

YO Company’s Prototype 2 home is the upgraded version of Prototype 1, which was 800-square-feet apartment designed to highlight space-saving features. The new housing design gave idea of creating homes that can be managed without compromising basic living necessities. In prototype 1 home, the dining table can be disappeared from the floor, whereas bed can be descended from the ceiling.

Keeping the same innovative idea as the base, YO Company’s Prototype 2 home is updated for better living, thus forms a commercially feasible product. The overall size of the house is reduced to 40-square-meters i.e. equal to a normal studio apartment. To attain perfection, the parts of the house are tested and re-prototyped as per needs and requirements of the residents.

According to Simon Woodrooffe, the motivation behind these ultra-modern, revolutionary homes is the availability of space. The company wanted to economize the space, without sacrificing quality and style. Prototype 2 home will offer people high-end real estate experience, but all at an affordable price. The house is built to be multipurpose including, pocket kitchen that can be neatly folded into the walls. The folding kitchen is based on old technology, so you need to pull out wall units to form  elegant cooking area. Kitchen is also equipped with washing machine, cooker, sink and other storage spaces, giving you a spacious cooking area.

To provide extra storage, the house is outfitted with hidden ‘false floor and ceiling system.’ This same technology is used in sinkable dining table and foldaway bed. The new technology provides extra storage space, which can be unnoticeable if not in use, maintaining the aesthetics of the house.

The seats of the dining table are equipped with manual lifting, whereas the table can be raised electronically by pressing a simple button. Inspired by the Japanese-style and culture, the sinkable dining table goes back into floor, when not in use .

The main attraction of the Prototype 2 home is the foldaway bed, which is equipped with tiny motors to ensure that the bed moves seamlessly and effectively. For sleeping, the bed gets down from the ceiling and ascend over sofa, forming a comfortable resting platform. The sofa and lounger are half-sunken in the floor to make the room visually simple and plain.

The YO Company’s Prototype 2 Home is designed for the upcoming building in Manchester, England and the building will be made with 24 pre-fabricated units. These new houses will surely bring revolution in the housing concept.

The bed  bed can be descended from the ceiling

The bed can be easily descended from the ceiling

Prototype 2 Home

The kitchen hides behind wooden cabinets

Prototype 2 Home

The sinkable dinning table hides inside the floor

Prototype 2 Home

The house is equipped with hidden storage system, allowing extra storing space

Prototype 2 Home

The sunken sofa-cum-lounger gives ample space to adjust bed

Prototype 2 Home

The sleek and stylish bathroom

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