YukChuk Under-Counter Compost Container - gifts for mom

YukChuk Under-Counter Compost Container

Designed by experts and engineers to offer under sink storage of food waste, the YukChuk Under-Counter Compost Container is a must-have item for someone who loves cleanliness. This recycling bin is integrated with special Yuk-Lok Sealing System that keeps odors from escaping and unwanted pests from entering.

It is made from high-density polypropylene (HDPP) – the same material which is used to create food and milk containers. Moreover, HDPP is known for its non-leaching characteristics.

The top-front of the compost bin is called the living hinge. It opens by pulling down the top handle and engages when moved back into the upright position. After throwing the food waste into the bin, the mechanism further clamps down to seal in odors, while keeping out potential insects and fruit flies.

The back section of the bin has tiny hooks for holding bio bags firmly in place until needed. These hooks not just prevent the bags from falling in, but also keep the container open for waste insertion.

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