Zaha Hadid designs Aria and Avia lamps for Slamp

Aria and Avia lamps by Zaha Hadid

Crafted for the Italian brand Slamp, the Aria and Avia light lamps are magnificently designed by famous architect Zaha Hadid. These monochrome pendants are currently on exhibition at the Euroluce lighting show at Milan Fairgrounds from 9th to 14th of April. The Aria lamp beautifully blends together the architectural design along with the intrinsic ethereal materials used. It is a fascinating pendant light firxture that not only enchants the observer but also spreads a romantic ambience. This pendent lamp integrates six light sources and a spotlight facing downward thus capable of enlightening a large space. It constitutes of 50 sheets of Cristalflex – a techno-polymer patented by Slamp. The light shines through all these translucent black plastic sheets creating sophisticated harmonic forms of light. The Aria lamp is big enough (dimensions – 130 cms height, 90 cms diameter) to shower a bright light in every corner of a large space.

The Avia lamp is quite similar to Aria lamps integrating majestic architecture and advanced lighting technology. The designer has created this classy lighting pendant by making use of 52 individual Opaflex sheets and each of the sheets is opaque. This sophisticated light enthralls the attention of anyone who approaches near. It incorporates numerous light sources with one downward facing spotlight similar to Aria lamp. This gorgeous lighting structure is available in total white & total black color and in 4 different sizes, two of which are small and ideal to be used at home, while the other two for large/commercial spaces.

Aria and Avia lamps by Zaha Hadid

Aria and Avia lamps by Zaha Hadid

Aria and Avia lamps by Zaha Hadid

Via: Dezeen

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