Zaha Hadid designs Manta Ray chair for two

Zaha hadid manta ray chair

Celebrated architect and designer Zaha Hadid has recently designed Manta Ray Chair, a double-cast aluminum armchair which is sculptured to seat two people simultaneously. Designed in collaboration with Sawaya & Moroni, this seating structure comprises of two seats and is inspired by manta ray fish. Created in a continuous and folding pattern, the chair features a curvy design, and has a risen area in front, which acts as side support and separation to define two individual seats.

Zaha hadid manta ray chair

The Manta Ray chair has a solid Y-shaped structure on the back, and has edges rising neatly on either sides of the seats to form armests. The chair is a genuine embodiment of design and an attention grabbing furniture unit. So, if you are looking for a chair to put in the living room that fits you and hour better half, then there is nothing that can get more stylish and attention grabbing than the Manta Ray chair. The chair is on display at the 2014 Milan furniture Fair.

Zaha hadid manta ray chair

Zaha hadid manta ray chair-3

Via: DesignBoom

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