Zen Kusshon by Mousarris Resembles Round Stone Found in River Bed

Zen Kusshion is Functional and Decorative ‘Stone’ Pillow Seat

The idea of chilling by the river, sitting on a large smooth oval stone is ecstatic; the cool breeze, the smell of the earth, and the sound of flowing water calm down the body and mind. Cyprus-based Mousarris studio may probably be thinking the same when it went about designing the Zen Kusshion that resembles a pebble found by the river bank.

Giving rein to the imagination, the studio has handmade Zen Kusshion pillow to look like a smooth stone placed in your living room. It is accompanied by a carpet that creates a ripple effect around the pillow to mimic the natural river.

It is a product of a collaboration between Mousarris and fashion designers Efi and Erietta Melanidou. This ‘stone’ pillow is designed to promote relaxation and a Zen-like state of mind with its unique appearance. It may fool the eye for an instant, but immediately provides recognizable comfort of a relaxing seat.

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If you are interested in enjoying a slice of nature with this buoyant yet textured cushion, you can buy the stone pillow through Mousarris’ official website. Whether you place it in the living room or bedroom, it will be both functional and decorative at the same time.

Zen Kusshon by Mousarris Resembles Round Stone Found in River Bed

Image: Mousarris

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