ZENCRATE: Smart Shelter for Anxious Dogs

Do you have a high-strung Chihuahua that barks at the falling rain or a German Shepherd who destroys the house every time you head to work? Perhaps you are the owner of a Yorkie who can’t get under the bed quick enough when there’s a thunderstorm approaching. If so, you are not alone. Nearly 40% of dogs suffer from some anxiety.

Dog anxiety is a condition that many misunderstand as a discipline problem. It is actually a way for some dogs to show that they are in distress. They don’t know how else to express it. This leads to excessive barking, inappropriate urination and defecation in your absence, destruction of property and even situations where dogs cause harm to themselves.

The good news is, there is an innovative new product designed to help your pet deal with anxiety, whether you are home or not.

ZENCRATE is the first smart, anti-anxiety dog house that is constructed to look like a stylish piece of furniture. It has a variety of high-tech features that can help calm a pet while keeping owners informed. It starts with proximity sensors that detects when your dog enters the ZENCRATE and notifies you via email.

A motion-activated fan provides air circulation while motion-activated music soothes your pet the moment they enter the den. An add-on WiFi camera allows you to check visually in on your dog from virtually anywhere.

The dog house comes complete with battery back-up to help your pet stay calm even if the power would be interrupted during a thunderstorm.

The motion-activated sensors also detect when your pet leaves the ZENCRATE.

It is engineered with features that provide a safe and comfortable environment. An orthopedic memory foam pad provides cozy bedding. Vibration dampening feet help isolate the ZENCRATE from outside noise and vibrations.

Detachable door inserts allow access for your pet even when you are not at home. Your pet will recognize the pet furniture as a safe place to go when stressed by lightning, fireworks, or visitors.

It can also be part of a holistic program to help dogs who experience separation anxiety from their owners.

Look, it is easy to get frustrated with a dog who is demonstrating symptoms of anxiety. It is tempting to want to punish a dog for destructive behavior or one who barks incessantly. You just have to keep in mind that these are signs of distress, and you are not alone in your experience.

Owners have tried everything from essential oils and binding jackets to stuffed animals and automatic treat dispensers. Some have even chosen anti-anxiety drugs.

Now there’s an easy solution with the innovative ZENCRATE which can be bought for $680 right away.

Your dog will never feel anxious again

Your dog will never feel anxious again

40% of dogs have anxiety problem - ZENCRATE Solves it for all of them

40% of dogs have anxiety problem – ZENCRATE Solves it for all of them

Tech savvy shelter your dog will love

Tech-savvy shelter your dog will love

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