Zip n Store

Zip n Store slide-out holder keeps food organized in ziplocks

The Zip n Store by Len Kensey is a slide-out holder to keep your food organized in ziplock sealable bags. It comes in shape of a rack that holds ziplocks vertically, allowing the homeowners to make the most of small spaces. It can be used to place multiple ziplock bags in upright position. This way you can keep an eye on all items in your fridge, so there will be no chance for food wastage.

Although some stackable containers are also present in the market to keep food organized, but these containers only add up extra dishes for cleaning. Plus, they also need some extra space in your refrigerator. But compact Zip n Store rack can easily clip onto one side of your fridge without occupying unnecessary space. This ziplock holder solves all your food storage problems, apart from keeping your food fresh and managing large quantities of food in small storage spaces.

Zip n Store comes in three versions: one for inside the fridge, another to be installed along a door shelf on the fridge, and one for installing on pantry shelves. Both the fridge and pantry shelf versions have a slide-out design, which allows the users to pull out the assembly for easily adding and retrieving bags. It can accommodate any type of ziplock bags – be it small snack-sized pouches or large gallon-sized sealable plastic bags.

Currently, a Kickstarter campaign is running for the Zip n Store storage units. For $30, you can reserve one storage unit for yourself.

Zip n Store

Slide-out rack to keep food organized

Zip n Store

It can hold both small and large sized ziplocks

Zip n Store

It contains distinct units to store different kinds of food items

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