Protonet ZOE

ZOE: Smart home device that keeps your private moments private

Protonet, the leading European provider of project management and collaboration solutions is entering the US market. Protonet, now a Y contributor company, is member of the incubator’s Winter 2016 batch of startup and the company has recently unveiled their revolutionary smart home device that aims to make our life much easier, especially at home.

Entitled ZOE, the smart home assistant that execute voice commands, monitor security, set home temperature and turn lights on/off, not only make our life easier but also keeps private moments private. Designed to interact independently from the cloud, ZOE does not send any information to the cloud, unlike other smart home devices.

Supporting a hexagonal shape,the device can easily fit on wall or one can place it anywhere in the room. Fabricated to fit in any interiors and occasion, the smart home device comes with a collection of Art Covers that let you change the magnetic front plate with different art. Also fitted with 26 LEDs that produces stunning colors with a range of 360-degree, ZOE lets you freely communicate with your home.

Provided with extensive vocabulary of more than 1,500 commands, one can easily communicate with ZOE. However, the company has also invented ZOE Voice Drop, which functions like a voice-based remote control that can be placed around the house, giving freedom not to carry ZOE around the home.

Aiming to make you maestro of the home, the Protonet ZOE smartphone application is build to put all the important task on front screen, making it super easy to control the smart home device. Currently on Indiegogo with a flexible goal of raising $1000, 000, the early bird smart home device is priced for $199, in which one will get ZOE and a Voice Drop.

Expected to be delivered by December 2016, the Protonet ZOE offers the most beautiful way to interact with smart home.

Protonet ZOE

ZOE Voice Drops functions like a voice based controls

Protonet ZOE

Protonet ZOE smartphone application is easy to use and manage app

Protonet ZOE

ZOE front plates can be customized with number of Art covers

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