Zulo Mx Wood & Steel Cat Towers Won’t Wobble

Zulo Mx Wood & Steel Cat Towers Won’t Wobble

Cat trees or towers, allow our pals to climb, exercise, and watch their kingdom from high above. Most cats love climbing to the top level of a cat tower, but they may feel nervous if the tower wobbles. This is not the case with cat towers from Mexican furniture manufacturing company Zulo Mx as they are created with tubular steel for better stability.

The company makes these strong and attractive cat towers in two or three levels. Each level is made from wood with walnut veneer and has a cushion with a plush fabric lining for a comfortable feel. There is also a panel with jute fiber to be used as a scraper by the cat. All this is held firm within a steel frame that not only makes the cat tower sturdy but durable as well.

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These cat towers allow climbing, exercising, resting, and scratching in a single pet furniture piece. They are designed to be beautiful, comfortable, and entertaining for felines.

This cat tower will be a classy item to have at home for your kitty but it will burn a big hole in the pocket. The Zulo 2-level cat tower is priced at $4,500, while the 3-level tower costs $5,700. Check out the official website for more.

Zulo Mx Wood & Steel Cat Towers Won’t Wobble

Image: Zulo Mx

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