Five cool pipe décor ideas for your home

We all know the traditional use for piping in the home; you would not have water or gas supply without it. We also know how much of a problem it can be when it goes wrong; just click here to find out more. But, have you ever thought of using plumbing piping in a different way? It can actually be put to good use by creating unusual décor items for your home. Some of them are listed below. Hopefully, we can encourage you to look at piping in a completely different way. It’s not an ugly addition to your home that you just have to put up with; it can actually be attractive as well as practical.

Putting some light on the subject


Steampunk faucet lamp

Lamps are practical items that can be used to provide the light you need for activities such as reading. They come in useful when you want to save on power and switch off the main lights in your home. Lamps are also an integral part of the décor of your home. They add to the overall interior decoration and can create a real talking point.

Pipes are an excellent source material to create a lamp that is quirky and cool. This steampunk faucet lamp was fashioned from old taps that were no longer suitable to be used for their original purpose, together with original piping. It’s a steampunk lovers delight.

Making a home for plants


Planters made from upcycled pipes

You have probably heard that plants make a healthy addition to your home. They also make a positive contribution to the interior décor of your property. If you want to stay away from traditional decorative planters and pots you can take a step down the steampunk path again with a pipe creation such as this steampunk planter.

Creative storage for your reading material


Bookshelf made form industrial pipe

If you are a bookworm, and you need somewhere to store all of your reading material, then what could be better than a bookshelf made from pipes? Many people have traditional wooden bookshelves in their home but not many use adapted plumbing materials instead. Why not add a different creative touch to your home with an industrial pipe book shelf like this one.

Somewhere to hang your coat


Pipe coat rack

First impressions start as soon as someone enters your home, so just inside the doorway is the perfect place to add a stamp of creativity. You may already have pipes in traditional use in the hallway of your property but this more unusual usage as a coat rack is sure to catch the eye of any visitors. Of course, it’s also a practical and durable addition.

A wine rack with a difference


Pipe and wood wine rack

If you are one of those people who really appreciates a great vintage, or you just love to enjoy an average wine with your meals, you need somewhere to store the bottles. This industrial rustic wine rack not only does the job it could also be a great talking point at any dinner party.

If you thought pipes were only good for carrying utilities to and around your home hopefully we have shown you that you were wrong. Pipes can actually add that creative and decorative touch you had been looking for so long.

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