Christmas tree eyebrows

How many likes for the cool Christmas tree eyebrows?

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to start looking for the hottest beauty trends for women. There are so many new beauty trends launched for the Christmas month including trends for hair, cosmetics and fashion; but the most unexpected one is the Christmas tree eyebrows. The cool beauty trend is catching everyone’s attention, and women from all around the globe are avidly following it to make their Christmas more festive, exciting and fashionable. Surprisingly, the trend is now a big hit on Instagram.

On searching for the hashtag ‘Christmastreeeyebrows’ on Instagram, you will find so many women posting their photos after decorating their eyebrows as a Christmas tree. To make their eyebrows look festively bright like a Christmas tree, they are using colorful sequins, colors, stars, aluminum wire, glitters and anything decorative that can stick easily on eyebrows.

Liking or following this Christmas tree eyebrow beauty trend is a personal choice, however, if you want to keep up with the new trend (trying this one or want to achieve the look), scroll down to see how other women on Instagram performed it.

Christmas tree eyebrows-1

Image: Instagram/dorogovamakeup

Image: Instagram/piscesbabe/karol.zar

Christmas tree eyebrows

Image: Instagram/mila.stuff

Christmas tree eyebrows

Image: Instagram/rachel_lauren

Christmas tree eyebrows beauty trend

Image: Instagram/blend_beautybar

Christmas tree eyebrows

Image: Instagram/melimsurdy

Christmas tree eyebrows

Image: Instagram/mariaalexandran/gabidoll

Image: Instagram/btsbe

Christmas tree eyebrows


Christmas tree eyebrows

Image: Instagram/gabidoll

Christmas tree eyebrow

Image: Instagram/gabidoll

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