Eric Younger Jeep Bar

How About a Jeep Bar in Your Living Room?

There are numerous ways to incorporate uniqueness in your home décor and some of them really stand out from the rest thanks to their ingenuity.

Eric Younger, who owns the D and C Extreme drive shop in Colorado Springs has come up with a unique idea to upcycle a salvaged 35-year old Jeep CJ-5. He along with his wife was a bit skeptical initially about the idea of converting the junk set of wheels into an object of décor for their new home but ultimately went ahead with it.

The idea was to use one half of the jeep as a bar and after tinkering a bit with the placement, he finally got it right. The task of fitting the 4×4 jeep inside his home was not as easy as he had imagined, he had to painstakingly bring each individual part from his workshop and put it together. No wonder it took him an unimaginable period of seven years (of course he didn’t work on it 24×7) to complete this project.

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To complete the whole themed look, Eric placed the jeep on huge rocks, sand and desert plants which show the rugged ride’s capability to conquer tough terrain. The frame of the jeep is connected to the kitchen countertop and it does look impressive.

Thankfully the lights and taillights of the jeep work perfectly to add to the ambiance when the party sets into action.

Eric says that he can make one for your home too, and for that, you’ll have to get in touch with him.

Eric Younger Jeep Bar

Image: D and C Extreme

Eric Younger Jeep Bar

Image: D and C Extreme

Eric Younger Jeep Bar

Image: D and C Extreme

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