Levitating moon lamp

Levitating moon light is real-time galactic replica for your home

Now is your chance to bring real-time galactic replica into your home. Hong Kong-based design studio Coocepts has created the world’s first wireless charging levitating moon light for modern home interior. The levitating moon light is made from over 1000 layers through 3D printing to make a realistic replica of the moon.

The night light features a charging plug and a function button at its bottom. When levitating, the glowing orb mimics the real moon floating in the sky at night. The base is made of walnut wood and incorporates Neodymium magnets to stabilize the floating moon light.

This glowing orb can change from cold white up to warm yellow light, depending on the desired ambiance. The night light includes 1500mAh rechargeable lithium battery that gives it up to 100 hours working time, after complete 24-hour charging. But when the moon night light is levitating on the base, it will be charging wireless. Hence, the charging process will be seamless and unnoticeable to the onlookers.

Available in two sizes – one in 20cm in diameter and another in 15cm, the moon light will be a stylish addition to any room. Currently, the project is crowdfunding on Kickstarter. You can pre-order your galactic night light starting from HK$999 (approx. US $130) for the smaller version and HK$1,396 (approx. US $180) for the larger one.

Levitating moon lamp

Available in two sizes: one in 20cm diameter and another in 15cm

Levitating moon lamp

Glowing orb changes from cold white to warm yellow

Levitating moon lamp

Floating moon light

Via: DesignTaxi

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