Custom Bunk Bed Splits

Tired of Room Sharing? Reclaim Your Private Space With Bunk Bed Splits

Sharing a room with your sibling can be tough, especially when he/she is messy, leaves leftover food around and always misplaces your belongings. You may like keeping your room tidy and organized all the time, but it gets very difficult when you have to forcibly share your room with your untidy sibling. Unfortunately, if you happen to be in a similar situation, custom-made Bunk Bed Splits can be a great solution for you, since it allows each person to have their own enclosed space in the room.

Bunk bed splits is the result of collaborative efforts of MAKEcreative and Tanguy Le Moing/Supermobilet. The creators wanted to come up with a solution that would allow each person to have their own personal space in the same room, without interfering into another person’s privacy. This is the reason why, rather than creating a bunk bed that sits against a wall, they designed freestanding bunk bed splits using formply and plywood. 

The size of this bed split runs almost the length of your room, and it can be positioned in the middle of the room to divide space perfectly. So, you don’t have to feel embarrassed because of your messy brother or sister, when next time your friends come inside your room, because this bed’s splits will provide you a very own private space.

Image: Luc Remond

Custom Bunk Bed Splits

Image: Luc Remond

Custom Bunk Bed Splits

Image: Luc Remond

Via: Contemporist

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