Toto’s Flotation Tub calms your mind with its zero gravity therapy

Japanese company Toto, famous for their high-end toilet range has come up with their first ever bathtub. Dubbed as the Flotation Tub, they debuted this luxury bathroom accessory at CES 2018. It is a cradle-shaped bathtub that will provide you ultimate relaxation, as promised by the company. Flotation Tub features an adjustable pillow, water massage system and comfortable body supporting bottom. The size of this tub is 50 percent larger than normal bathtubs. 

The marvel covered bathtub is designed to give you space like zero gravity experience. There are several integrated jets inside the tub that help to blow your feet up into the air, this therapy makes you feel like you are actually floating on water. Flotation Tub also has inside panels, which help you to make slight adjustments.

For instance, you can turn on the LED light that run along the bottom of the outside section of the tub. The pillow inside the tub also has integrated faucet that is designed to bring water around your neck for relaxation which is adjustable according to your height.

Haruo Tsutsui, Toto’s manager of products R&D says;

We believe relaxation stimulates the brain allowing ideas to pop up.

Toto’s Flotation Tub is inspired by a floating therapy, and offers an ideal balance between lying down and floating. The company is claiming that Flotation Tub can change the brain wave activity of the users. Apparently, this is achieved by performing hundreds of tests done by Toto’s researchers. If we talk about its design, Toto has done a wonderful job, as it is a minimalist yet luxurious bathroom accessory. 

Soon the company is turning 100, and wants to expand their business overseas too. Europe, U.S, Middle East and China will be their next prospect markets.

So, if you are looking for a luxury bathtub for your home, Toto is something you should go for. The price of Floating Tub is US$19,000 which is on the higher side, but then, luxury doesn’t have a price!


Image: Toto

flotation tub

Image: Toto

flotation tub

Image: Toto

toto bathtub

Image: Toto

Toto flotation tub

Image: Toto


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