15+ Halloween Food Hacks You can Whip Up in a Jiffy

It’s Halloween, the spookiest party of the year. For the day, your house should be ready to welcome scary ghosts, ghouls, and goblins. Frightening adornments and trick-or-treating are some of the important fun-filled activities that are enjoyed by families on October 31st.

Leaving all things aside, what you’ll be going to serve to your unearthly friends on the All Hallows’ Eve? Obviously, the food must be stuffed with horror and creepiness. However, if you don’t have time to prepare a full course meal, then here are a few super easy Halloween party food ideas that you can whip up quickly at the last moment.

# Witch Hat Cookies

It is a no-bake Halloween food recipe. To make these witch-hat cookies all you need are four ingredients: chocolate creme Oreo cookies, Hershey’s Kisses, yellow candy melts and orange-colored frosting. You just need to decorate the cookies in a spooky way. Full recipe at Princess Pinky Girl.

10 Halloween party food ideas for 2018

Image: Princess Pinky Girl

# Black Cat Oreos

These black cat cookies are easy to make and kids will love them. If you don’t have much time and aren’t into baking, it is the right recipe for you. You just need a few Oreo cookies and colored frostings to turn them into black cat treats. It is surely a frightening yet fun food hack. Full recipe at Moments with Mandi.

10 Halloween food hacks you can whip up in a jiffy

Image: Moments with Mandi

# Mummy Drink Boxes

Create a mummy-like appearance by wrapping white-colored tape or gauge bandage around a tetra-pack of juice or other food boxes. Add creepy googly eyes to intensify the effect.

10 Halloween food hacks you can whip up in a jiffy

Image: Happy Little Kiwi

# Ghostly Cupcakes

If you’re a good baker, you can easily create yummy cupcakes for your guests. If you’re making this for Halloween, you can decorate the cookies with cream to add a ghostly charm. You can also draw faces on the cream you have layered on the cupcake. Full recipe at Our Family of Seven.

Marshmallow ghost cupcakes

Image: Our Family of Seven

# Jack Skellington cupcakes

Impress your kids with Tim Burton inspired treats. It is an easy Halloween food idea shared by Frugal Mom Eh.

Jack Skellington cupcakes

Image: Frugal Mom Eh

# Candies in Blood-Stained Surgical Gloves

Want to impress your neighborhood kids. Serve them candies in blood-stained surgical gloves. It’ll surely give them heebie-jeebies.

10 Halloween food hacks you can whip up in a jiffy

Image: The Queen’s Card Castle/Crafty Morning

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# Carrot Fingers

Using fresh carrots you can create evil witch hand and serve them to your health-conscious guests on the eve of Halloween. It’ll be a pleasant treat for vegetarians with a surprising frightening factor. See more at Jesse Lane Wellness.

10 Halloween food hacks you can whip up in a jiffy

Image: Jesse Lane Wellness

# Mummy Pizza

You can prepare this creepy Halloween recipe in just 10 minutes, and it’ll surely be loved by your guests especially youngsters. Olives here act as spooky eyes and layers of cheese are the key to the ‘mummy-like’ apperance of the pizza. Tutorial at DVO.

10 Halloween food hacks you can whip up in a jiffy

Image: DVO

# Frankenstein Avocado Toast

It is easy to make Halloween recipe that kids will love to eye at the dining table on Hallows Eve. Use avocado paste to make its face, dry toasted seaweed for hair, black olive for eyes and a sliced tomato as its mouth. See the tutorial at Vegan Chow Down.

Frankenstein Avocado Toast

Image: Vegan Chow Down

# Blood Red Punch with Spider Ice Cubes

Add fake plastic spiders in ice cube tray and freeze them until they are solid. Add to any beverage and serve chilled to your guests. These spider ice cubes are sure to give shivers to your Halloween party guests, especially the ones who are arachnophobic. For the bloody drink, see the tutorial at Noble Pig.

Blood Red Punch with Spider Ice Cubes

Image: Noble Pig

# Jack-o-Lantern Burgers

How can you forget Jack O’ Lanterns for Halloween? Try this recipe idea by Pastry Wiz, where burger buns and meat patty topped with a cheese slice patterned like Jack O’ Lanterns is put together to enhance the scary factor of All Hallows’ Eve.

10 Halloween food hacks you can whip up in a jiffy

Image: PastryWiz

# Deviled Eggs for Halloween

Spooky looking food items are the staple of any Halloween party. You’ll need boiled eggs, avocado, and black olives and other basic ingredients to prepare the monster eyeball recipe by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

Deviled Eggs for Halloween

Image: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

# Deviled Purple Potatoes

Boil some potatoes until they are ripe and then cut them in half, lengthwise. Decorate with tofu salad to give it a cool, creepy look, your guests and everyone at home will love it. Tutorial at Veggies Save The Day.

Deviled Purple Potatoes

Image: Veggies Save The Day

# Halloween Monster Apples

If you’re looking for fun Halloween recipes for the whole family, this one is right for you. Just cut the middle out of each quarter of the apple in order to create the shape of a mouth. Then fill the gap with almond butter. Use sunflower seeds as teeth and a sliced strawberry as the tongue. See tutorial at Parenting Chaos.

Halloween Monster Apples

Image: Parenting Chaos

# Banana Halloween Ghosts

Take some bananas, cut them in half and decorate with chocolate chips to give them the appearance of a ghost. This easy Halloween food art can be prepared in less than five minutes. Even kids can make it in a jiffy. See tutorial at Live Love Texas.

Banana Halloween Ghosts

Image: Live Love Texas

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# Brew-Ha-Ha Punch

Get your guests into the spirit of Halloween with this spooky party punch made from lime and pineapple juice. For a spooky effect, you can place the punch bowl inside a larger glass bowl filled with dry ice. Tutorial at at My Recipes.

Image: My Recipes

Hope you’ll have loads of inspiration from these quick and easy Halloween food ideas. Happy Halloween!

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