Bar cart by Restoration Hardware

1920’s Light Bulb Testing Machine Transformed into Bar Cart

Our previous tryst with Restoration Hardware was the ‘glamorous’ 1940´s Hollywood Studio Floor Lamp. And now, we have come across another antediluvian contraption that has been ingeniously transformed by the same guys into a gorgeously unique bar cart. The hemispherical machine in question was actually a light bulb testing machine from the 1920’s found abandoned in a German factory. The designers salvaged this antique piece of machinery and re-purposed it into a retro shelving system for storing wine bottles, other spirits, and glassware.

Entirely crafted from iron, we can open up the hemispherical system via a hinged segment along with a small hatch. On the inside, the bar cart is provided with three separate shelves for housing the spirits, five recesses for keeping the wine bottles and three upper racks for hanging glassware. The whole structure is supported by an equally sturdy tripod base with solid iron pedestals. Finally, to notch up on the contraption’s century-old essence, the designers proceeded to give an ‘antiquated’ finish that upholds the authenticity of the light bulb tester.

Dimensions: 39″W x 46½”D x 61½”H
Weight: 265 lbs


German Light Bulb Voltage Tester Bar


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