decorating a perfect Christmas tree

20+ Tips to Decorate a Perfect Christmas Tree

Christmas tree is no doubt a focal point at any dwelling during the festive season. They have capability to transform a mere cabin into a winter wonderland that all adore. This might be the reason why most homeowners give most of their time and effort setting up a personalized Christmas tree.

Decorating a Christmas tree is a fun activity that brings together all family members, however, making your tree stand out from the crowd does require some creativity, forethought planning, and a good eye for detailing. You can always go for purchased decorative stuff, but making your own ornaments from things readily available around will give you Goosebumps for sure.   

While decorating a Christmas tree, ornaments are not the only thing you need to consider. You also have to look at the color combinations, placement of decorations, and other aesthetic properties. All is upon your creativity and imagination – you can present a simple walnut or paper in an truly attractive way.

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Read on this guide on decorating a perfect Christmas tree. We have listed some useful Christmas tree decorating tips that will surely help you surprise your neighbors and guests.

  • The type of Christmas tree, whether artificial, evergreen or homemade, decides so much about the suitable decorations.    
  • Avoid abundance of decorations. Keep your Christmas tree simple as it is the new trend.
  • Combine real trees with artificial decorations to get the best results.
  • Arrangement of ornaments is very important. It is recommended to display your favorites at prime positions of a Christmas tree. 
  • Whether tucked into a corner placed or against a wall, the position of Christmas tree plays an important role.
  • Make proper use of garlands, tulle, tinsel, ribbon, baubles, and Christmas toys to add a festive charm to your tree.
  • Take help from all your family members. Kids can come up with innovative ideas.
  • Take your kids safety into consideration before involving them in decorating a Christmas tree. Be on a safe side by using no-toxic materials and unbreakable ornaments.
  • You should choose the color scheme carefully. The decorations should match the tree and your interiors as well. Red and green are the main colors; however, they might not complement every color.
  • It is good to include metallic details.
  • Don’t forget to make use of natural objects like pine cones, twigs, stones, etc. in Christmas tree decoration.
  • There are unlimited ways to decorate a Christmas tree, but it is better to not mix up different ideas and themes!
  • Put on the lights first and distribute evenly to enhance the looks. It’s better to arrange the lights starting from the top to bottom.
  • Keep wires and cords from lights out of sight. 
  • Showcase photographs to revive your memories back.
  • Flock Christmas tree for a mesmerizing snowy effect.
  • Add some festive signs and letters to make it meaningful.
  • Beautify the base or stand of your Christmas tree with a decorative skirt. Christmas tree skirts help keep the clutter of wires out of sight, making it look much cleaner and tidier.
  • Crowning your Christmas tree with an eye-catchy tree topper is a must. You have to make sure that it doesn’t topple off.
  • If possible, one should use more than one Christmas trees in a home. One for patio, a kids and pet-safe tree in playroom, and the final one in living room or kitchen.    
  • Do something unique by going contrary to the tradition. For example, make pineapple or ladder Christmas trees.
  • Don’t hesitate experimenting! Give personal touch to the Christmas tree by sticking to your own inspirations.    

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