30 Cutely Spooky Halloween Wreaths You can Buy or Make at Home

What creates perfect atmosphere for a Halloween party? Of course, decorations! Decorating your home with a ghostly detail is not always a great idea to spruce up your Halloween party. A mix of the scary and cute elements also works great to celebrate the festival of the dead – a festival that comes just before Christmas. Hence, Halloween decorations with a tinge of cuteness and neutral accent work great for both celebrations.

Keeping it neutral is essential if you have little kids at home, and the best way of doing so is to decorate your home with cute and colorful Halloween wreaths. Crafting one at home in collaboration with your kids is a great idea to keep the party decorations soaring high and to get the whole house in Halloween spirit. So, if you are looking for inspiration to decorate your home with cute Halloween wreaths, have a look at these 30 most adorable Halloween wreaths that are too cute to be scary.

Maple leaf Halloween wreath

Falling maple leaves are the first thing that comes to our mind while thinking of the fall season. Personally, I love this season, and I would love to bring in the same appeal to my interior this Halloween. If you also like the yellow tone of maple leaves, consider buying this colorful wreath fixed on a bed of dried oak and maple leaves. It is also decorated with cute little fake berries.

This beautiful wreath is a great choice to brighten up the front door all the way through Thanksgiving. Available for $50, the eye-catching decor item will be a great addition to your Halloween party.

Halloween wreaths to buy in 2021

Image: Etsy/Tawalinkbowbukun

Fall deco mesh wreath

A wreath is a great gift for your loved ones. If you are looking for a lovely wreath to gift someone special, consider buying this colorful wreath, which is entirely handcrafted using fabric mesh, canvas, stripped, and ribbons. Instead of giving you a ghastly appeal, the wreath will bring a fantastically warm and inviting look to your front door. Buying it for just $35 is not a bad deal.

Halloween wreaths to buy in 2021

Image: Etsy/CntrygrlCrafts

Pumpkin spider Halloween wreath

Spiders are creepy and perfect to add ghastly appeal to your Halloween party. As we are trying to keep it light, adding this easy handmade wreath in orange and black would be just perfect to maintain a balance between cute and spooky appeal. Suitable for hanging on the front door or wall, it is a great decorative element to welcome happy spirits. This easy DIY Halloween wreath is crafted using different colors of mesh pieces.

Halloween wreaths to buy in 2021

Image: Doodle Craft Blog

A burlap Halloween wreath

Seeing this burlap wreath, I am actually wondering how amazing things we can create with burlap strips. Have a look at this cute DIY Halloween wreath, isn’t it too cute to handle? I just loved it and would like to put one alongside my jack-o-lantern and those wicked but cute little pumpkin figures. Creating it is not a big deal for people who know how to use DIY tricks. If you are not a DIY person, simply buy one for $50 from Etsy.

Halloween wreaths to buy in 2021

Image: Etsy/LilyBugDesignsStore

Witch skull wreath

Even if this wreath is just made of mesh stripes but still a skull in the center makes it look spooky. The charming wreath is created using deco mesh, wire work wreath, fake skull, and colorful ribbons. Since it is so simple to create, you can craft it yourself giving your personal touches. If you are not a DIY person, simply buy one from Etsy for $45.

Halloween wreaths to buy in 2021

Image: Etsy/SimonSaysCraftDesign

Wreath made of cupcake wrappers

Cupcake wrappers can be a great material to create your very own DIY Halloween wreath. This beautiful wreath idea shared by Trisha of MomDot is so easy to craft that you can get crafting following few simple steps. To get started, you need a rubber wreath that you can easily buy from a craft store, 150 black cupcake wrappers, 150 orange cupcake wrappers and pins to fix the wrappers on rubber wreath. To know the exact crafting procedure, follow the tutorial here.

Wreath made of cupcake wrappers

Image: MomDot

Tulle Halloween wreath

Make your Halloween decoration look awesome with this lovely DIY wreath crafted by Lara of Overstuffed using readymade polka dot ribbon bow, tulle and stiffened felt of white, orange and yellow colors. To craft one, get a rubber wreath and bind the tulle pieces one by one mixing the colors around the wreath, and make sure you are not leaving any space uncovered. Affix a ribbon bow and stiffened felt pieces at the bottom of the wreath to make it look pretty. You can read the complete tutorial here.

Tulle Halloween wreath

Image: Overstuffed

Yarn Halloween wreath

What about a cute yarn wreath in three colors of candy corn? This DIY wreath is a cool addition to hang on the bedroom door and wall. The wreath features a bat with yellow eyes that does not look very spooky but offers a perfect ghastly appearance. The lovely wreath also features candy corn decorations on one end. Creating one at home would be great fun. If you are too lazy to DIY, buy one on Etsy for $20.

Halloween wreaths to buy in 2021

Image: Etsy/PumpkinBreadDesigns

Witch wreath

Halloween is a perfect time for witchy stories our grandmother used to tell us while we were kids. As we have kept it light, not dreadful, this cute witch wreath with glittery balls is just awesome to relive those childhood memories. The enchanting witch wreath is beautifully ornamented with a pointy witch hat, glittered ornaments, and dangling legs. You can try creating it at home using the required material, or simply buy it for just $65.

Halloween wreaths to buy in 2021

Image: Wayfair

Boo Halloween wreath

You don’t need to decorate your wreath with ghastly elements to get your home in the Halloween spirit. This minimal black and white simple wreath does it all. It features a raven, googly eyes, and a boo. The wreath is as simple as scary, you can buy it for $40.

Halloween wreaths to buy in 2021

Image: Etsy/CreativeSoulSvitlana

Raven feather wreath

No amount of colorful ribbons can make your wreath look spooky as much as raven feathers do. Hanging a raven feather wreath perfectly justifies the event. As you don’t want to set scary vibes, keep it neutral with this raven feather wreath. The raven feather wreath looks lovely and welcoming on the entry door. Creating it at home is easy as it requires average DIY skills. If you think you will have a hard time crafting it, simply buy one from Etsy.

Halloween wreaths to buy in 2021

Image: Etsy/HandicraftArtworld

Pinked felt wreath

While choosing a wreath for Halloween, we should always bear in mind that Christmas is just around the corner. Therefore, your wreath should be great to go well with both events. Just look at this lovely red wreath created by Kim McCrary using felt paper, styrofoam wreath and pins as binding material. It is very easy to create and you can craft the same at home with no hassle following this procedure.

pinked felt wreath

Image: Kim McCrary

Crochet Halloween black cat wreath

Brighten up your front door with this crochet Halloween black cat wreath. All ladies in the house, who love knitting, get ready to knit this easy Halloween wreath with a cute black cat. Sarah of Repeatcrafterme did it very beautifully. She used orange yarn to knit the cover for a rubber wreath and crocheted a lovely black cat to add spooky appeal. She also added a little knitted-spider to inflict a not-so-spooky look. If you know crochet art and want to know the exact procedure of creating it, head here for the complete procedure.

Crochet Halloween black cat wreath

Image: Repeat Crafter Me

Fall foliage DIY leaf wreath

We are celebrating the fall, so ornamenting your Halloween wreath with a dried grapevine wreath and maple leaves is just a fantastic idea to paint your home in autumn colors. I am very inspired by this wreath as it is not likely to consume much of my time, and will look good on my entrance gate. If you like decorating your Hollow eve with your very own crafty skills, try making it following the six simple steps listed here.

Halloween Fall foliage leaf wreath

Image: Consumer Crafts

Halloween glam spider wreath

Headed to a craft shop and seen so many crafty materials to incorporate in a wreath? Get ready to craft one like Stephanie, the tiptoe fairy, created with few battery-operated spider lights, and other crafty materials like the metal wreath, black tulle, glue, tape and feathers of purple and black color. The wreath looks awesome and a little spooky in the dark phantom night. If you like, you can decorate the wreath with illuminated ghosts, beetles, rats or snakes. Crafting it is easy if you follow the steps appropriately.

glam spider wreath

Image: The Tip Toe Fairy

Candy corn wreath

To create a perfect Halloween wreath, you don’t always have to buy shimmery fabrics. You can create a different one using plain canvas fabric. Check out this lovely colorful wreath by Shelley, which she crafted using orange, yellow and creamy canvas fabric. She simply wrapped a rubber wreath in a creamy cloth and sewed small, colorful cutouts on the fabric to make the wreath look charming with appealing color lines. Anyone who knows the sewing craft can easily make it following these simple steps.

Candy corn wreath

Image: WhipperBerry

Scarecrow wreath

A scarecrow made of hay, creepy clothes and surrounded by pumpkins and dried leaves is the well-liked decorative accent for Halloween. Why not create a wreath providing the same appeal! Have a look at this fun-filled wreath featuring a cute scarecrow figure in the center. Isn’t it just fantastic to get into the Halloween spirit? For me, it is too pretty to handle. I would not DIY it as I don’t want to alter and tweak its actual appeal. Buying it online is a better idea.

Halloween wreaths to buy in 2021

Image: Etsy/WreathsbyJaimeLyn

Halloween felt ghost wreath

If you have little kids at your home, this lovely wreath with cute little ghosties will be a great pick to make your kids content. Crafted by Jen of Tatertots & Jello, the felt made ghost wreath looks endearing along with jack-o-lanterns, Halloween candles and candies. Just look at the little ghosties staring at you lovingly to wish you a Happy Halloween. If you are wondering how to create it, follow the tutorial here.

Halloween felt ghost wreath

Image: Tatertots & Jello

DIY mesh wreath

Add a festive accent to your front door with this stunning mesh wreath by Bev. Mesh, colorful ribbons and flowers are just perfect to welcome Halloween as well as Christmas. To craft it, you require a work wreath form, 1 roll of green deco mesh, 1 roll of orange ribbon, 3 large floral picks, scissors, glue and a wire cutter. Creating it requires intermediate crafty skills and following the recommended tutorial.

DIY mesh wreath

Image: Lolly Jane

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Ghoulish glam Halloween wreath

I like the idea of crafting a gothic wreath using black grapevine wreath, black evil flowers, and little glittery skulls to add a scary appeal. This is why I am in love with Katie’s imagination, who created this shimmering black wreath using her amazing crafting skills. She has shared a remarkable tutorial on her blog to create this beautiful black wreath to invite bad spirits to your Halloween party. If you also liked the idea, follow the steps here to create one.

Ghoulish glam Halloween wreath

Image: Addicted2diy

Black paper wreath by Marie

Marie, an avid crafter with a passion for home décor, created a fantastic wreath for Halloween just with black cardstock. The wreath is super easy and affordable to craft. A circular piece of cardboard to be used as a wreath base, black cardstock pieces for making a bunch of paper cone funnels to use as petals, a polka-dotted paper, ribbon, a spunky glittery spider, a scissor and a hot glue gun is all you need to craft it. To make the crafting procedure a bit clear, Marie shared a step-by-step tutorial that will help you to make exactly the same copy of her wreath at home.

Images: Bloominghomestead

Funky Fabric wreath

If you like decorating your space elegantly for Halloween, try making this unique fabric wreath. I just love the idea of using black and white fabric for making a wreath, and I can’t resist the urge of making it for my bedroom door. The wreath will look perfect on my door. Marie of Blooming Homestead crafted it using very basic crafting materials like a wreath, check fabric, black lace, black flower, feathers, white springs, embellishments, a scissor and a hot glue gun. To make a similar wreath, I recommend you to follow the tutorial here.

Funky Fabric wreath

Image: Bloominghomestead

Black rose Halloween wreath

Want to make an attractive and inexpensive Halloween wreath? You will definitely get inspired by Avanti Morocha’s black floral and creepy spider wreath. To make this, you don’t have to collect a list of materials. You can make it only using three vital crafting materials like eight fake black roses, black crepe streamers, and a few uncanny spiders. If you like this DIY wreath as much I do, try building one following the procedure here.

Avanti Morocha Halloween wreath

Image: Avanti Morocha

EKK front door wreath

The wreath is crafted using a rubber wreath, drop cloth, patterned ribbon, beetles, cardboard to shape letters and glitter spray paint. To get started, wrap the rubber wreath in drop cloth and patterned ribbon of your choice, and then glue glittery cardboard letters and beetles on the wreath as shown in the picture below, and you are ready to set your home in Halloween spirit.

EKK front door wreath

Image: Rustoleum

DIY ribbon wreath

You can create a perfect Halloween accent with just colorful ribbons and a metal wreath. Have a look at this lovely wreath by Kerri that she crafted using colorful ribbons, tulle and burlap strips. The wreath is a great DIY project for kids, so you can ask your kids to create some this Halloween, and ensure long hours of skillful learning and fun with them. You can find the full procedure at Kerri’s blog.

Halloween DIY ribbon wreath

Images: Pop of Pretty

Wreath with a chalkboard

A beautiful floral wreath with a chalkboard is just perfect to leave a Halloween message for every single day of October month. The idea will actually make your kids curious to read a new message written on the chalkboard every morning and you can also show off your creativity. To know how to craft it, follow the procedure here.

Halloween wreaths to buy in 2021

Image: Designer Trapped

Skeleton wreath

Halloween celebration is no fun without skulls and skeletons. The cute, small skeleton on a wreath is a fun idea to celebrate Halloween. This DIY Halloween wreath for the front door requires a few supplies but turns out to be amazing! If you like the wreath idea, collect the building material and get crafting following the design shown in the picture below.

Halloween wreaths to buy in 2021

Image: My Humble Home and Garden

Square Halloween burlap wreath

If you are bored of seeing round wreaths everywhere and want to break the rule of keeping it circular. Try making this black square wreath by Linda, which she made with burlap as the main crafty material. She also added peacock feathers, striped ribbon lace and an artificial skull made of newspaper to celebrate the festival of chills and thrills. The wreath can be a great focal element of your Halloween decoration. Read more about its crafting procedure by Linda here.

Square burlap wreath

Image: Craftaholics Anonymous

A cute monster wreath

Try making this Muppet monster wreath by Baby Rabies, which they made using a rubber wreath, green tulle, 2 tennis balls, foam sheet, black paint, paintbrush and a hot glue gun. The wreath only takes 45 minutes to get ready if you are a person with intermediate DIY skills. It’s a cute creation, and the most favorite part of this monster wreath is foam teeth that are not scary but hilarious to witness. You can create it following the tutorial.

DIY cute monster wreath

Image: Baby Rabies

Scarecrow hat wreath

How cute is this scarecrow wreath made of jute hat? Creating it does not require so many embellishment elements; all you need is an old jute hat in your closet. Give your scarecrow a complete look with some fake flowers and tying a scarf as shown in the pictures below. Don’t forget to glue cute googly eyes and a smiley face.

Scarecrow hat wreath for Halloween

Image: Pinterest

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