6 Furniture Removal Tips for Stress-free Moving

Moving house can be stressful for anyone. It becomes more difficult if you live in a large home and need to move years’ worth of accumulated items to a new place. Generally, it is furniture that makes moving stressful and hard since they are bulky.

Great that you want to handle this on your own and take your best friend’s help to move heavy objects like beds, sofa, refrigerator, and washing machine but it’s good to think about the condition of your furniture and appliances by the time you get to your new house. Not to mention, injuries you may receive on your lower back, shoulder or knees.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that moving can’t be easy. All it requires is some good organizational skills and preparations in advance to make the entire process hassle-free.

Here are six simple furniture removal tips that’ll not only make moving a breeze but also make relocation of your stuff to the new place a stress-free task.

Plan Your Journey

Getting the directions and road maps right before moving is very important. You do not want to get lost on your moving day so plan your journey beforehand. This will help boost your confidence that you know the way to your new home. You can also check the traffic of the day to see if there are routes that you can avoid.

Visit Your New Area

You do not need to be a stranger. Since you have chosen this place as your new home, visit the area frequently to be acquainted with your new area. It’s also important to understand the new space where you are going to put your furniture. This’ll give you a hint of whether you need to get rid of some stuff that may not fit in your new home.

Disassemble Furniture in Advance

If it is possible, disassemble your furniture in advance. Get the legs of couches and tables out and put bed frames completely apart. This makes moving furniture easier and prevents damages caused by brushing up against door frames and walls. It also saves lots of time and energy when moving.

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Get Professional Help

If you really care about your belongings and emotional attachment of your family members with them, dedicate a budget to take professional assistance from a furniture removal company. This is important because they move your items safely. Plus they help you with packing and storing items long before your move. Your items are packed properly so that they remain protected during the move.

Pre-Pack Whatever You Can Yourself

Start packing things that are small and essential to you. Rather than wasting time in waiting for your removals to arrive, use it to get familiar with specific things they will not relocate for you for safety reasons. This will not only save you some money but also make space for bulky items like furniture, pool table, and piano to move freely.

Don’t waste time packing heavy items. Your moving specialist will take care of it. You can use that time to take care of anything that is relatively more important and easy to pack. Of course, you are going to need proper packing materials to get some part of the packing job done by yourself. Don’t go overboard while purchasing the packing supplies. Instead, reuse cardboard boxes and bubble wraps lying in your storeroom.

Clean Your New Home

You will need to give your new environment some freshness. Cleaning prior to moving will help reduce work on the day of moving. You can organize to have your furniture cleaned too before moving them. Note down all the things you want to be cleaned, so that you can make the job easier. Your new home needs you to take charge of hygiene and freshness.


This is it! All that you have planned is to make your move a breeze. Following these steps correctly will make unloading and unpacking effortless. Ask your removalist to carry each item to the room it belongs to. You can worry about unpacking later.

Bonus Furniture Removal Tips

Disconnect All Devices

Don’t leave everything to the furniture removals company. There are certain this you can do on your own. For example: disconnecting all devices from an electric socket. This will make your move a lot easier and quicker, and keep your devices safe during the move.

Empty Bulky Items

Make sure your refrigerator and cabinet are free of any items before the arrival of your moving company.

Keep Children Away

Children are the most vulnerable during the process of moving. If they are too young, they might get scared. They might also injure themselves in traffic of moving men with bulky items in your house. Keep them at your neighbors’ or close friends at the time of moving to avoid such situations.

Pets Need To Be Taken Care Of 

If you have pets, they also need extra care. They’ll run here and there during the moving process. It may be equally upsetting for your pets. It’s better to vacate them beforehand so your movers can easily move your furniture.

Pack a Priority Box

Keep all your essential items with you during the move. These items may include your mobile phone, charger, keys, remotes, flashlight, towels, toiletries, kitchen essentials, etc.

Notify Neighbors

For easy access to your home or mover’s truck, it’s always best to let your neighbors or caretaker of the house know of your moving date. The neighbors will appreciate the heads up and make the access way clear for your removalist. This is important because bulky items like furniture require a spacious pathway to move comfortably.

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