How to Declutter Your Home

7 Compelling Reasons to Declutter Your Home (Tips & Tricks)

We are all guilty of letting mess and clutter slide in our homes because a bit of untidiness can be excused every now and then. After a busy week at work, the last thing that anybody wants to do is spring clean his/her home. However, there is a difference between a temporary mess and living piles of clutter. If the messy bits of your home has started to become a hindrance, this is the time to make a change. There are a countless number of reasons to declutter your home, so seize the day and turn things around.

This guide siting some of the most compelling reasons to declutter your home will help you find the inspiration to transform your living space into a tidy and beautiful looking place.

Clutter attracts pests

We think of clutter as a harmless by-product of modern living. Yet, this is not always true. Things like old newspapers, clothes, and unloved furnishings can easily become a home for bugs and mold. If you have a problem with pests, the first thing that you need to do is seek the advice of pest control experts and initiate a regime to create a more hygienic environment in your living space.

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Clutter causes stress

A recent study shows a link between the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in the female body and the amount of clutter in the home. In other words, your messy living space could be affecting your mood. The theory is that the more possessions women own, the more stressed they feel because a messy home is often associated with failure.

Clutter can cost you dear

It is frighteningly easy to lose track of important bills if they are constantly left to wither on tabletops and staircases. And, think about how many times you have lost track of something, bought a replacement, and then found under a pile of clutter? Mess and general untidiness can end up costing you money in ways that you might not expect.

Clutter makes you late

There is a reason why you can never make it out of the front door without an extensive hunt for your keys. The good news is that you can cut this unnecessary confusion out of your life for good. If you take the time to declutter and create designated spaces for things like car keys, wallets, and phones, you will always know where they are when you need them.

Clutter can lead to injuries

The last thing that you want during a relaxing weekend is to slip on a stray toy or a discarded plate and end up in the emergency room. The risk is never worthwhile; not when all it takes to reduce the danger is a little spring clean. If you have children, make sure that toys and other items are never left to sit in high traffic areas. Create a ‘collection station’ where the kids can be sent when it is time to tidy up.

Clutter takes away space

So many homeowners spend their time wishing that they could live in a bigger house, but they don’t take time to look around their current home. Even the smallest of apartments can be made roomier with clever decorating tips and a strict ‘no clutter’ policy. Make the most of your space by removing items and objects that you know you don’t need.

Clutter prevents peace of mind

It is difficult to feel relaxed and at ease with your surroundings if they are too messy to truly get comfortable in. It is amazing how quickly a bit of tidying can make your mind and spirit feel lighter. Decluttering is an emotional process, so letting go of all that unused stuff will lift a huge weight off your mind.

If you are keen to declutter but don’t know where to start, split the job up into smaller tasks. Work from room to room, or messy spots, tidying as you go. Most attempts to transform a home fail because the process isn’t approached in a manageable way. So, pick a place to begin and don’t switch to another until it has been thoroughly decluttered.

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