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9mm Wall Decor by Harow

9mm brings gothic style and aesthetics into a wall decor

Gothic home decor is all about adding grandeur and drama into your interior. If you’re looking forward to give mysterious touch to your living space, then you would surely love the 9mm wall installation by French designer Harold Sangouard from Harow. The creative abstract makes death look beautiful, as it is created by using tiny weapons that cause death i.e. bullets.

Harow has been studying the abstract image of the ‘skull,’ and its geometric figure clearly indicates a connection with isolation and environment during wars. This wall décor displays portrayal of golden skull that is made out of 862 9mm bullets. These bullets come inlaid on different surfaces such as steel, wood or plexiglass. So you can pick any one as per your preferences and home interior.

The stunning installation brilliantly plays with stereotypes to make weapons into beautifully immortal art. Not only the skull wall decor, but Harow has previously created Skull armchair for eerie furnishing. Together both these sculptural pieces will add Gothic glamour into any living space, making it strangely welcoming.

9mm Wall Decor by Harow

The geometric figure of skull indicates a connection with isolation and environment during wars

9mm Wall Decor by Harow

The abstract skull is made out of 862 9mm bullets

Source: Harow

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