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AIRROBO T10+ Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleans for 45 days Without Assistance

I love hosting house parties but what I hate is cleaning the mess later. With Christmas right around the corner, I might plan on calling a few colleagues to my place. Being a gracious host, I’d never ask them to clean the mess, scrub the stains or dump the leftover food. To my misery, I’d have to indulge in the cleaning process myself. However, AIRROBO Robot Vacuum T10+ might just come to my rescue and save me from the hassle of cleaning.

The smart home appliances brand AIRROBO has recently unveiled a robot vacuum that doubles as a vacuum and a mop. Equipped with 2700Pa suction power, the AIRROBO T10+ will clean your house thoroughly. The vacuum cleaner features automatic dirt disposal charging base. The charging base includes a 3300mL allergy-friendly dust bag that can collect the dirt for up to 45 days.

The T10+ comes with a 5200mAh Lithium-ion battery that runs for 250 minutes on a single charge in quiet mode. Functioning on a low noise level at 62db, the vacuum cleans up to 160sqm area after a single charge. Once the appliance runs low on battery, it automatically returns to the dock charger to replenish its battery and is ready to function once again.

Suitable for cleaning large spaces, AIRROBO Robot Vacuum T10+ is equipped with LiDAR navigation and 23 sets of sensors. The sensors help it to navigate the area, dodge obstacles, and prevent the robot from falling off the stairs.  With some external assistance from the Tuya application, the user can also set No-Go zones. In addition to its sensors, the robot vacuum includes the USLAM Air 5.0 technology that accurately, swiftly, and comprehensively scans the environment.

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When it comes to floor cleaning, the robot vacuum is equipped with a 2-in-1 electric control water tank. There are 3 levels of water control for the user to choose from and one can easily switch between vacuuming mode and mopping mode.

Furthermore, the robovac can be controlled via the Tuya app or with your voice commands over Alexa or Google Assistant. The user can set a cleaning schedule as per their needs using either of the input options. If you wish to buy the T10+ robot vacuum cleaner, it is available on Amazon for $500.

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AIRROBO Avant-Garde Your Home with T10+ Vacuum Cleaner


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