Airsign HEPA Vacuum

This Sustainably Crafted Vacuum Cleaner is a Handsome Alternative to Robot Vacuums

Robotic vacuum cleaners are in popular demand. Dyson and iRobot are ideal choices for consumers. Despite being the most prominent names in the vacuum cleaner industry, these two brands have not been able to run a monopoly, thanks to traditional robot vacuum cleaners that are still preferred by most users. The prime reason behind this could be the high cost of Roomba or any other iteration launched by the aforementioned brands.

This gives an opportunity to new brands like Airsign to dip their toes in the home appliance industry. Airsign launched by Joseph Guerra, founder of the Guerra design firm is trying to create a name for itself and gives a strong bump to its competitors that already have a stronghold in vacuum cleaner manufacturing. The home appliance brand has released the new Airsign HEPA vacuum cleaner that is chic, simple, and stylish.

Airsign is already comparing the vacuum cleaner to Dyson and iRobot on its website but we need to have a closer peek at the product to bring you all the right and factual details. Despite being a canister vacuum cleaner, it easily accommodates in a small shelf. The even weight distributed between the canister and the powerhead makes it easier to move around.

The vacuum cleaner features an ergonomic hose handle for a better grip while cleaning. It also features a HEPA-14 filter system which is responsible for filtering 99.99% of particles over 0.3 microns. I won’t dive deep into the technical details of the product but for those who want to compare Airsign with other vacuum cleaners, there is a picture attached below to provide you with a fair idea of what it offers.

Architectural Digest, digs a little deep to find that the vacuum cleaner comprises multiple components starting from the aluminum wand, handle, hose, tool holder, three different closing heads, and biodegradable dust bag. The aluminum wand is 100% recyclable while the vacuum is made of 20% recycled plastic.

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I am of a firm view that all Robot vacuum cleaners are not suitable for all types of households. Moreover, they are expensive when compared to traditional vacuums. Some might be best suited for floors but won’t be as effective while cleaning upholstery. This gives chance to Airsign Vacuum to cement a place for itself in the cutthroat home appliance industry. The vacuum is up for grabs at Airsign website for $295.

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Image: Airsign

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Image: Airsign

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Image: Airsign

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Image: Airsign

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Image: Airsign

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Image: Airsign

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Image: Airsign

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Image: Airsign

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Image: Airsign

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