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Aldi’s pet beer for your party animal

Aldi’s pet beverages for your party animals

Want to toast a beer with your poochie companions this Christmas? It wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket, as the German supermarket chain giant Aldi has launched a range of alcohol-free drinks for cats and dogs. Aldi is known for its low price products, and these pet refreshments will also be easy on your wallet. The collection includes Bottom Sniffer, a 330ml dog beer and a Prosecco-style drink in a 250ml bottle for cats named Pawsecco, both hopefully retailing at €2.99 (US$3.55) per bottle.

The doggy beer is a chicken-flavored drink, containing dandelion and burdock with added minerals to boost up the general well-being of pets. As for the other drink, it’s a wine intended for both cats and dogs, and is created on the advice of veterinary experts. It comes in rosé and white, with options for herbal infusions made of elderflower, nettle, ginseng and lime flower.

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The Pawsecco can be regularly given to your pets, while the dog beer needs to be served along with some dinner. Both the pet beverages will be available in all Irish Aldi stores from December 7, 2017 which would possibly let users add chill to the life of their loved pets.

Aldi’s pet beer for your party animal

Image: Irish Examiner

Aldi’s pet beer for your party animal

Image: Irish Examiner

Via: IrishExaminer

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