Altroprogetto studio's cardboard lamps

Altroprogetto studio’s customizable cardboard lamp collection

Altroprogetto studio's cardboard lamps

Cardboard lamps are not necessarily new to the ever thriving realm of recycled home decor products. However, craftsman Fabio Bertini in collaboration with visual art expert Elena Marcheschi (under the umbrella of Altroprogetto design studio) has created a line of remarkable cardboard lamps that are not only recycled in scope but also customizable in nature. Crafted from laser cut cardboard pieces, there is a high level of production value that can be associated with the visual essence of the lamps.

But, as we mentioned before, it is the ‘personalized’ touch that makes the collection stand out from other low carbon lighting conceptions in the market. In this regard, the users can directly take part in the variant levels of the lamp’s composition by actively assembling them according to their own personal preference. So, at the end of the day, the ambit is not only about sustainability and aesthetics, but also about the user’s collective participation in creating the end product.

Via: Design-News

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