Amazon unveils Wall-E look-alike Home Robot named Astro

Amazon Unveils Wall-E-Like Robot Astro to Safeguard Your Home

Ever since the advancement of human beings from barbarians to robotic engineers, man has fancied having robots doing their house chores. Amazon recently unveiled its home robot named Astro, which looks somewhat familiar to Pixar animated studio character Wall-E. The 1.7 trillion-dollar company’s latest creation comes loaded with other Amazon gadgets and runs on three wheels. The front two prevent it from getting stuck while the third dictates pace as it rolls and rotates on the surface.

The household robot is powered by Alexa smart home technology and designed to help you with house chores. The robot comes in handy with a camera that rises up on a 42-inch arm and can keep an eye on kids and pets. The robot also monitors your house safety and sends you an immediate alert if someone tries to barge in.

Men were in desperate need of robots that would do babysitting for them and also manage menial housework, while they chill on their respective couches, sipping whiskey and enjoying a football game. Amazon has truly delivered to your wish as you can now have access to the first-ever household robot at a price of $1,000 but will eventually rise to $1,450 after the initial run.

In addition to this, the voice-controlled robot can follow you throughout the house and play music or display TV shows on its 10-inch touchscreen. The robot also comes with a facial recognition system and has a back storage compartment to deliver lighter stuff from one room to another.

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In a long list of features that go on and on, the robot can also create a map of your house layout and recognize objects when you set Astro up for the first time. Moreover, you can also talk to Astro just like you do to Alexa and it will keep you updated with all the happenings in the world.

Amazon unveils Wall-E look-alike Home Robot named Astro

Image: Amazon

Amazon unveils Wall-E look-alike Home Robot named Astro

Image: Amazon

Amazon unveils Wall-E look-alike Home Robot named Astro

Image: Amazon

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